EDMS and SystmOne Data Sharing

SystmOne is a computer system that GPs and other people looking after patients can use to record medical information and other relevant information discussed at your time of contact. Not everyone uses this particular system, but East Bridgeford Medical Centre and Community Health services in the area use this system to record patient notes.

Your medical record contains notes taken during every consultation you have had with a doctor or nurse at your practice or community service. Your record is also likely to include copies of any letters you have written and notes relating to any phone calls made with the service that you have been in contact with. Your record will also contain copies of letters from other hospitals and departments, including mental health assessments if you have ever had one.

The time period covered by your electronic medical record can vary from  one GP practice to another, but detailed information extending right the way back into your childhood may be included.

All of this information is sometimes known as “your Detailed Care Record.”

A facility is now available in this system which allows your Detailed Care Record to be shared between clinicians and others in different care services, who are involved with your care. This cannot normally happen without your permission and there are a series of strict “consent procedures” that staff must follow if they want to share information about you, or to see information that another service has recorded.

If you give consent, your care record held by your GP practice or medical service will be shared with other medical services involved in your care (such as district nursing, health visiting, physiotherapy), who use the same system. This will provide health professionals with a better view of your whole healthcare.

EDMS Patient Guide